Inherent Quality

Making quality increasingly more intrinsic and pervasive

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Inherent Quality Simplicity (IQS by Ron Richard) explores the notion of Inherent Quality. The first 100 pages of the ebook (published 2010) are from the original book (published 2007). The ebook contains additional content, a list of 20 proposed Inherent Quality Management (IQM) Principles. The ebook also includes positive quotes about IQS that were provided by a number of individuals, including IBM Fellow Grady Booch. IQS (105 pages, cover to cover) draws from an original 400+ page manuscript published 2006 which began as self-directed research with findings and thinking recorded progressively over 20 years. Prior to self-publishing IQS, this site shared a fair amount of content freely (including in a related blog, which among other ran a series of posts on control objectives for information and related technology in collaboration with ISACA/ITGI), with several hundred thousand views coming from around the world.

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Building quality in (inside everything everywhere): Everywhere in everything we do, inside anything we create, our intent is for quality to exist, be generated, and grow. Global needs demand more than Nations operating in silos. United (e.g., on MDGs) it's possible there is a better chance the interconnected enterprise (our world) can be better architected, saved even (e.g., relative to climate change, poverty elimination and more). Progress continues to make quality more intrinsic & pervasive from various perspectives, now the world is more advanced than ever, however, more must/will be done as the states, stats & stakes regarding important needs are also higher than ever in many cases. Global citizenship is on the rise & appears to be a step in a right direction. Quality must increasingly become more inherent (intrinsic/pervasive; intrinsically pervasive & pervasively intrinsic) and simple as many increasingly become a global citizen within our interconnected universe. Quality is the degree to which a set of "inherent" characteristics fulfills requirements

(ISO 9000:2005; click 3.1 in Table of Contents for ISO definition of Quality).


It's possible

(ebook written 2013 by Ron Richard, 7 pages)


"Great Read" - Sylvia Alexander


"I really like these reflections and insights. Innovation is the new 'social contract or dharma'. Together we should all improve and innovate on a planetary scale, to solve the most pressing problems and prosper together. Or, we should accept the consequences of the current mode of living that guarantees total annihilation to all life and get ready to sing the requiem to human species." - Dr. Mohan K. Bavirisetty, MS, MBA, Ph.D. 


"A Wonderful piece of work, simple yet Complex and Challenging to all mankind, but... It's Possible. I loved it, thank you Ron. A Great Read!" - Dr. Jonathan P. Singer Phd. Psy.D. 


"I have this read saved on my desktop... And Yes, It's possible!" - Jashenthree Govender 


"Shared awareness in a post" - Dr. Simmerman, Ph.D. 


"Ron provides a vision as well as a practical template for possibility... calling us all forth to shine." - Sheila Kelly